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Barcelona Football Tour

Are you a Barça fan? Or maybe football doesn’t interest you personally but your son happens to be Messi’s biggest fan and is dying to see Camp Nou? Or maybe you just want to visit one of Spain’s most popular museums with a tour guide? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions I’d […]Read More

9 things we learned from Barça – Sevilla (1-1)

Barça dropped points today by drawing against Sevilla. Here’s my analysis of the game First of all: CALM DOWN. Yes we played badly but even though the final scoreline still should be 2-1 after Messi’s penalty at the end of the game.  Speaking of Messi: he did more in one play on the right wing […]Read More

Who are Barça socios and how to become one [GUIDE]

I received tons of messages from you asking about the topic of FC Barcelona socio and how to become one. You asked first of all because you were eager to sign the petition against Bartomeu and his board but also because you’d like to be a socio to influence the club’s future in the elections. […]Read More

Vote of no confidence: what happens next?

It’s been one hell of a ride but we can finally say it: WE MADE IT. We have the signatures for the vote of no confidence against Bartomeu and his board. This was a team effort that was possible due to the hard work and cooperation of many different people involved in the Mocion de […]Read More

BARTOMEU OUT! Protests at Camp Nou live from Barcelona

As you all probably know there are protests in Barcelona against JM Bartomeu following Messi’s alleged decision to leave Barça. I am there to see and support it every day and here’s one of many things that happened on the second day when fans entered the stadium through the main gate. For all coverage follow […]Read More

10 Things (8+2) We Learned After Bayern

Here’s my analysis after yesterday’s historic annihilation. Forgive me if I sound bitter today but that’s because I am.  Eight goals is the biggest number FC Barcelona got scored against since 1946 when they lost against Sevilla FC in Copa de Franco (8:0). Messi is not good enough to be our captain. Leo you know […]Read More

Camp Nou Experience post COVID-19 pandemic [VLOG]

Camp Nou is a legendary place and the biggest football stadium in Europe. It’s also one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona and the museum itself is one of the most popular in whole Spain. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about Camp Nou Experience tour: how it looks, prices (and how to […]Read More

5 tips for working from home

Welcome to the new reality! COVID-19 is a thing that we certainly did not expect but here we are. I’m hoping that the pandemic will soon be over and the virus will be gone for good. However regardless of what will happen with the virus, some of the changes it caused in our lives are […]Read More

My 2019/2020 Barça season in numbers

All football activities have been stopped due to COVID-19 so I’ve decided to make a short summary of this season so far and the most important moments from August until March. ⚡️I’ve been to 18 matches. 16 at Camp Nou and 2 away: at Espanyol and at Napoli⚡️At home I missed only preseason vs Napoli, […]Read More

Barça – Sevilla 6-1 31.01.19 [CdR]

One of the most fun games I’ve been to was in Copa del Rey vs Sevilla. After having lost 2-0 at Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán we were waiting for a remontada and we got a beautiful one.  Coutinho opened the score sheet with a penalty won by Leo Messi. Sevilla got a penalty of their own but […]Read More