Discussing “low expectations for Laporta” with special guest Graham Hunter

Hola culers!

This time we have a special guest joining us on the pod. His name is Graham Hunter, he’s a journalist based in Barcelona, has covered La Liga, Barça and Spain national team for many years, wrote a book “Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World” about Pep’s super team, made a film “Take the ball, pass the ball” and many others. But what’s the most important is that Graham is such a fun person to talk to and his passion for football can be felt every time you speak to him.  Hope you like our conversation and sorry if the quality is not the best but we’ve had some problems with the connection.

Here are the timestamps for the topics we’ve discussed:
🔸 Europa League final in Gdansk (2:15)
🔸 Why Barcelona, why La Liga?  (10:30)
🔸 Super League (14:00)
🔸 What can La Liga do to stay competitive? (18:00)
🔸 How good was young Leo Messi? (27:00)
🔸 Barça youngsters: a new hope? (34:00)   
🔸 2003 Laporta vs Laporta today (42:00)
🔸 Prime Lewandowski or prime Suárez? (49:00)

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