How does Barça new jersey for El Clásico look like? [VIDEO]

yesterday FC Barcelona released their new kit for the upcoming El Clásico. It’s already our FIFTH kit this season so you can go bankrupt if you try to buy them all. Here’s our review.

Right now the new jersey advertised by the legendary Carles Puyol can be only bought online and at just one Barça megastore in the Catalonian capital – at Passeig de Gracia which is where I went enjoying the fact that I live in Barcelona.

The price at the store is 150 EUR for the match version and 90 EUR for the fan version. I have to say that the latter feels a bit cheap to the touch so if the price is not a decisive factor for you try to order the vapor (match) version as it looks way better.

Overall, this model is not the cheapest but it’s in line with other models that basically come at the same price tags. Like I said in the video I like this new jersey but at the same time, I find Blaugrana home and Black away to be better so, for now, I’m not planning to get this one. And you?

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