WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED YESTERDAY❓ Before you blame the socios … Yes, some of them have their season ticket only to sell them out to the tourists. The “asiento” is cheap so if they sell them a few times during the season they can make an easy profit. There’s no obligation to actually go to Camp Nou so it creates this pathological system where people like me wait for 10+ years (currently my number to get a season ticket is 11473). With that being said…

THE CLUB IS RESPONSIBLE ❗️A few days before the game FC Barcelona sent an email to all the season ticket holders to release their seats for next to nothing if they don’t go to the stadium on Thursday. Why? So that the club can sell more tickets. Which they did, VP Elena Fort confirmed today the club made around 3M EUR from ticketing yesterday. They blocked German credit cards and IPs and thought this would stop Germans from buying the tickets on sale, guess they never heard about virtual credit cards and VPNs.
Also, many tour agencies have their own share of tickets which they sold directly to Germans as trip packages, because why should they care if our Club didn’t?

MOST OF THE GERMANS BOUGHT THE TICKETS ONLINE AT OUR WEBSITE ❗️The tickets were sold out because around 15,000 season ticket holders (my estimation) didn’t bother to release their seats and guess what: if they did there would be even more Eintracht fans in the stands. That’s why we only had an attendance of 78,000.

LAPORTA AND HIS BOARD SOLD US OUT ❗️They sold the tickets to the Germans because not many local fans can afford to pay 150+ EUR for a Europa League game against an unattractive rival. Also, it’s Semana Santa, a Holy Week, and many people are out of town.
So the board knew what will happen, they wanted to milk the Frankfurt fans dry as it was the most important game of their lives and the plan backfired. Everybody knew what will happen and when it happened they wanted to put the blame on the socios. Despicable behavior. In a way, I’m glad it happened because the system has been broken for years. Hopefully, a change will come now.

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