Camp Nou Experience post COVID-19 pandemic [VLOG]

Camp Nou is a legendary place and the biggest football stadium in Europe. It’s also one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona and the museum itself is one of the most popular in whole Spain. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about Camp Nou Experience tour: how it looks, prices (and how to pay less!) , how to get there and last but not least what’s different about the tour after the pandemic.

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Camp Nou Experience after the COVID-19 pandemic

I was one of the few people who were there for the reapertura (re-opening) of Camp Nou Experience on 12th June. First customers entered Barça Megastore at 10 am surrounded by four cameramen from local TV stations. Then first culés, led by a young Messi lookalike, scanned their tickets to enter the Barça Museum after 3,5 months of being shut down for public. The media was there to remind us how much the club means for this city, not just in terms of entertainment but also the economy of the city of Barcelona. That day’s event is also symbolic because we now enter a new reality in which things will be allowed again, just not the way they were before.

So what are the changes? There are quite a few. First of all you have to use hand sanitizer before entering the museum, then you scan your ticket or card yourself so that the staff don’t touch them. You must wear a face mask, obviously, and you have to keep your distance inside. The whole tour was redesigned and you move from point to point rather than wander around. The tour is now shorter, you don’t go up to the press boxes and you skip the press and changing rooms.
You also can’t go down to sit at the bench or touch the grass. The pitch is still there and so are the stands. Our temple is still magnificent and everything will be fine soon enough. Just different.


Cost of the tour is reduced after the pandemic as there are less things to visit. Right now the prices are as follows:

ELDERLY 70+ 10€
KIDS 4-10 10€


Regular full tour

As bad as it was COVID-19 won’t stay forever. If you’re interested in how the normal full tour looks like I’ve got you covered. Here’s a vlog I shot in 2019 so it’s still relatively fresh and I don’t expect any changes to it unless the redevelopment of Camp Nou finally starts. It had to be halted though because of the financial trouble caused by the pandemic.

How to get there

There a few ways to get to the Camp Nou stadium. The easiest one for me is to take a green metro L3 and get off at Palau Reial station like I showed you in the video above. Les Corts station is also good but the walk is longer, remember that the entrance to the museum is at the north side of the facilities. I don’t recommend Maria Cristina station as it’s further than Palau Reial and further than Les Corts.

Alternatively if it suits you better you can take the blue metro L5 and get off at Collblanc station. From there the way is pretty straightforward and there are signs everywhere. Badal station is also fine if you take this line.

There are many buses to take in case you don’t like the metro. The best ones in my opinion are D20 cause it goes directly from Barceloneta (just keep in mind it takes nearly an hour) or H8 if you live for example in Horta/Guinardo. Remember never to take the bus on a matchday cause they will be super crowded and it will take forever to get to the stadium!

Camp Nou Address:
C. d’Arístides Maillol, 12, 08028 Barcelona

Refunds for tickets

Important info: if you had already purchased your tickets for the Camp Nou Experience before the pandemic according to the official statement by the Club they are still valid. You can only get a refund in July 2021 at the earliest.

Dear fan,

We regret the inconvenience that has derived from the coronavirus pandemic. As you had tickets to one of our attractions, we have more information for you.

We have transformed your ticket into a flexible ticket, so that you do not miss the opportunity to visit us. You can use it, without restriction, until June 30, 2021.

In the event that by June 30, 2021, you have been unable to use your ticket, you can request a refund of the amount paid at the time of purchase, in a process open until July 15, 2021, here.

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