A story behind the yellow bus

Before Cruyff and Guardiola there was another legendary Barça team. Led by the biggest star of those times, a Hungarian Ladislao Kubala, they won 5 trophies in the 1951/1952 season which gave them the nickname “El Barça del les 5 copes”. One of the trophies – Copa Latina – was especially important as it would 3 years later become the European Cup competition. Barça won the final in Paris 1:0 against Nice thanks to a goal by César Rodríguez. 
There was a huge celebration afterwards and this yellow bus was used by the team to drive down from Costa Brava all the way down to Barcelona. The success and popularity of the team, especially of Kubala, was actually so huge that the tiny stadium at Les Corts became too small to host all the culés and it was decided a new one will be built – Camp Nou. Unfortunately, one of the victims of his their own success was Cesar who had to be sold in order to get the funds for the construction of a new stadium.
Without Barça de les Cinc Copes there would be no Camp Nou. You can still see the old yellow bus today parked in the back of the stadium just next to La Masia building.  Follow my blog for more Barça stories!

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