10 Things (8+2) We Learned After Bayern

Here’s my analysis after yesterday’s historic annihilation. Forgive me if I sound bitter today but that’s because I am. 

  1. Eight goals is the biggest number FC Barcelona got scored against since 1946 when they lost against Sevilla FC in Copa de Franco (8:0).
  2. Messi is not good enough to be our captain. Leo you know I love you. But you’re not a leader on or off the pitch. A true captain wouldn’t allow such humiliating disintegration for three years in a row. 
  3. Ter Stegen is great guy and a goalkeeper. He should get a contract extension and become one of our four captains. But we can’t forget he was the one who received 3, 4 and finally 8 goals in historic defeats in Europe. His last night performance was by all accounts his worst ever. I hope he picks up from this.
  4. Semedo had probably the worst individual performance by a football player I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE. I’m afraid the they still try to pick him up from the field in Lisbon.
  5. You can have two right backs on the pitch and the opponents can still run every play through their left wing with a repeated success. 
  6. The Germans are good at destroying things.
  7. Without good wings (full backs/wing backs/wingers) you cannot compete on the highest level in modern football.
  8. You can buy the most expensive players in the world and still like an amateur Sunday team if your coach is a clueless farmer. 
  9. This is the definite end of a cycle for Barça’s golden generation. Changes are needed in literally every single department of the Club. Bartomeu dimision YA! #bartomeuout

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