My 2019/2020 Barça season in numbers

All football activities have been stopped due to COVID-19 so I’ve decided to make a short summary of this season so far and the most important moments from August until March.

⚡️I’ve been to 18 matches. 16 at Camp Nou and 2 away: at Espanyol and at Napoli
⚡️At home I missed only preseason vs Napoli, Valencia, Inter and Sevilla 

⚡️Of the 18 matches 1 was Copa Gamper, 1 Copa del Rey, 3 Champions League and 13 La Liga
⚡️We’ve won 14 matches, drawn 4 and haven’t lost once – I’m a lucky charm I guess ?
⚡️Goals 49-15 

⚡️Best game?  

Probably 5-0 vs Eibar. Messi scoring 4 goals was something special. 3-1 vs BVB was also good but we lost control at the end

⚡️Worst game? 

  1. vs Slavia was painful to watch ?‍♂️ Also Setien’s first game (1-0 vs Granada) was a snooze fest. 1000+ passes leading to nothing really

⚡️Most exciting game? 

2-2 at Espanyol because it was away, how hostile the crowd was and also the match itself was up and down: we were losing 0-1, then we quickly made it 2-1 and Suarez missed some big chances to seal the game and finally Frenkie got a red card and it ended up with a draw.

⚡️Moments of the season?

Messi presenting his 6th Ballon D’Or was a very special moment. Also pañolada against Bartomeu and independence protests before El Clásico (never seen so many people around Camp Nou, very powerful). 

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